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Frequently asked questions
A list of major errors when trying to transfer the item, or trying to pick up already purchased
All items in the inventory are not displayed and the error "Error loading data"
We go in Steam inventory, find the item that the site does not see and read all the information about it. It will be written there, whether it is possible to exchange and sell an item or not. If the item was purchased on the TP of the Steam, then it cannot be sold within 7 days, please note that sometimes this time is delayed for several hours, so do not worry. An item that cannot be exchanged, therefore, cannot be sold from us, so they are not displayed. If you try to add an item, the site does not see anything and writes “Data loading error”, then your inventory is too large. Reduce it to about 1600 items, then everything will be ok
Application status "TRANSFERED" and no money
If you withdraw money to the card, then this status indicates that we sent your money to Yandex Money representatives and they process your application. If they do not approve the withdrawal to your card, then after a few days, you can cancel the request on the withdrawal page. If you withdraw money to Webmoney wallet, then UPDATE THE BALANCE right on the site and note (!!!) do not restart, but update. If the funds did not come to any other wallet, then you, most likely, are either trying to deceive us, or have entered incorrect data. Immediately send a screenshot of the history of operations of the wallet on which you can see its number, date and time. But such cases have not yet been, so do not try to cheat, do not waste time.
I have money on the Steam account, and here they are not displayed. Why?
Steam Money is not valid on this site. Replenish the account must be separately.
No one buys my items / they are not visible on sale
First, you do not see your own items on sale. Secondly, to sell items you need to be online on the site (just open the market tab). Your status is updated once a minute, so you first need to wait a bit.
I withdraw money to Yandex - gives an identification error
Due to changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation, some payment wallets oblige their owners to receive a certificate. Getting it for free, just enter your passport data. If you cancel the receipt of money, they will not return to your account!
I filled up the bill, but the money did not come. What to do?
Money may not come immediately - wait for 1 hour. If you do not arrive within an hour, create a ticket with the appropriate note and enter there the payment details specified in the receipt.
What is a guarantee? What to do if it is over?
When you purchase an item, he gets a 4 hour warranty site. During this time, you must take your item from the bot. Usually 4 hours is more than enough for a successful withdrawal, even with small Steam glitches, but if these glitches were very long, you could not withdraw during this time and the bot was blocked - the site pays you compensation. Read the details of the payment of compensation below. If the warranty is over, and the servers were intact, then this means that our site is no longer responsible for this item. If a bot with your item is banned and it disappears from the list of items for withdrawal, we will not return its value to you. And therefore it is in your best interest to withdraw items with an expired guarantee and as soon as possible.
How to submit a ticket with problems with the conclusion of things?
If the warranty comes to an end, and the conclusion of the thing cannot be done - write to tech support. Describe the problem in as much detail as possible. Specify the date, time, name of the item, a link to the profile of a bot bot with whom you cannot make an exchange. If suddenly you manage to withdraw a thing - close the ticket.
Compensation Payment Procedure
Compensation is paid when 3 conditions are met: The thing was blocked under a guarantee. You submitted a ticket to tech support before the warranty expires. You really could not pick up the thing through no fault of your own (site lags, Steam, blocking the bot). In all other cases, the compensation does not pay.
How to cancel a purchase?
In no way. To avoid random purchases (misclicks), we made a confirmation window for the execution of the operation. Once you confirm the purchase, we cannot return the funds to you, since they are already credited to the seller.
What are penalty points?
If you expose an item for sale, but do not transfer it to the bot if it is purchased by another person, you will receive penalty points. By accumulating a certain amount, you will be temporarily limited to the possibility of selling on our trading platform. View the number of penalty points can only admin. If you were unable to transfer items to the bot due to interruptions in the work of the stim or the site, you will NOT be charged penalty points, you can not worry.
How is item position determined? Why are my items not listed?
All things are sorted by price and date they are added. The queue is periodically reduced or increased, depending on the online owners of the exposed items
How to sell a set?
Selling sets will be available when Valve implements this feature. At the moment, you can sell only “unpacked” sets that go with one thing, for example, “Flames of Prosperity”
I can not buy anything. Requests to check the possibility of trading and nothing happens.
To purchase, you must pass a one-time check of the ability to make exchanges on this device. To do this, in the purchase confirmation window, click on the clickable link with the text "Follow this link to check the operation of exchanges on your Steam account". This will open a new exchange window (You do not need to give things back !!!) Now, return to the purchase confirmation window and choose the image that you had.
How to send a link to the item in the chat?
You need to open the item page, copy the link in the address bar of the browser and send this link to the chat. Chat automatically converts the link to the clickable item name.
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